Winter Bullred Surf Fishing Elmers Island Louisiana

Surf fishing Winter Bull Reds at Elmer's Island. This is video from the January meetup. I want to thank everyone for coming out. Winter fishing for bull reds at Elmers island using mullet for bait.

South East Louisiana Winter Redfish & Trout Bankfishing Spots

8 Spots to Bank fish for speckled trout and Redfish in South East Louisiana
Do Not Trash These Spots!!!!!!!!!
Yscloskey Bridge- fish during hard cold fronts
Myrtle Grove- pay $5
PortSulphur- Drive back over the levee
Sunrise Pump- Dont drive on the Levee
Golden meadow Pump-  fish the pond on the right
Hwy 1 Pit- fish during winter for specks
Robinson Canal- fish the left side of the bridge
Boudreaux Canal- fish off the rocks to the right

Popping Corks for a Limit of Winter Redfish

Winter fishing the marsh can be tricky with fluctuating water levels and water temperatures.  Originally we were hunting for speckled trout but they were playing hard to get. The reds were a little easier to find and we found them in a small 50 yard stretch of marsh. With popping cork and soft plastic

Bank Fishing Grand Isle Speckled Trout Warm Winter Day

fishing the road side between grand isle and fourchon. we did a little wading trying to catch speckled trout before the rain came in.