Winter Bullred Surf Fishing Elmers Island Louisiana

Surf fishing Winter Bull Reds at Elmer's Island. This is video from the January meetup. I want to thank everyone for coming out. Winter fishing for bull reds at Elmers island using mullet for bait.

South East Louisiana Winter Redfish & Trout Bankfishing Spots

8 Spots to Bank fish for speckled trout and Redfish in South East Louisiana
Do Not Trash These Spots!!!!!!!!!
Yscloskey Bridge- fish during hard cold fronts
Myrtle Grove- pay $5
PortSulphur- Drive back over the levee
Sunrise Pump- Dont drive on the Levee
Golden meadow Pump-  fish the pond on the right
Hwy 1 Pit- fish during winter for specks
Robinson Canal- fish the left side of the bridge
Boudreaux Canal- fish off the rocks to the right