Redfish Rumble VII : prefishing day 2

March 8, 2014

Left one of the smaller reds  right Five pound bass 
Summary of my second scouting trip for Redfish Rumble. I launched at 6:00 and did a little more exploring venturing deeper into the area. I didn't catch a fish during this time but I found some likely areas. As I stated in an earlier post when ever I call it prefishing I always end up Paddling more and fishing less.  I ended up paddling 12 miles round trip when I planned on eight. Early I used a Mirrolure mr52 casting to the middle of the the lakes and lagoon hoping for a speckled trout no luck maybe next week. For the redfish early in the day I challenged myself to use Lures that I was less confident with my confidence is still low I couldn't get anything with those lures. As soon as I changed up to my go to lures I started to put fish in the Outback. It started with a twelve inch bass that I released. My First red of the day came quickly after which is pictured then I lost a red. Five minutes later an over slot fish grabbed my lure. I didn't have a net so while struggling boat side I executed a perfect catch and release just like the tarpon guys on TV. Three cast later another Twenty two inch Red that I kept for the grill. I paddled around the point but didn't catch anymore reds. The good thing is I found a couple of respectable bass which eluded me on the last trip. The second bass was a solid fish it was about two pounds. Then the next one I caught was I was lucky to get because the cast started with a huge backlash which took me ten minutes to clear. As I was clearing it I drifted over my Line and it tangled in the rudder. I reeled in as fast as possible to recast and boom this bass grabbed my lure not ten feet from the boat. I quickly went into action raising the rudder and untangled the line from the rudder of my outback. After the line was freed the fish took off  making a couple of jumps and drag stripping runs. After a few minutes I was able to subdue the fish which turned out to be a beautiful five pound female. I ended up keeping two reds and two bass got to have fresh fish for friday. I  Also found out about a cool weedless jig head from these guys that gave me a tow back to the launch.
1/4 oz.

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