First Half of July

I have not posted in a while but dont be alarmed I have not given up fishing. I have actually almost returned to my New Orleans level frequency of fishing trips. I have been participating in my first month long  online tournament hosted by Makbf. The target species is large and Smallmouth bass the person with the three fish largest cumulative length wins. I am not very well versed in bass fishing so I figured fishing this would accelerate my bass fishing education and maybe with some luck I can catch three above average bass in a month. Currently I am in 10th place and I have a 16 inch Largemouth that needs to be upgraded hopefully tomorrow. I am still taking trips to the tidal Potomac for chance to land a Snakehead I have had a few strikes on my two trips this month but still have not got one in the boat. I am also working on another online fishing related project so stay tuned for that to be live later this month. If you read this far reward
yourself and make the jump to see more pictures.

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