Bayou St.John Freshwater Flounder

A rare bayou st.John flounder
I decided to stay close to home yesterday the weather was iffy and daylight was fading fast. I took the 10 minute trip to bayou St John with a goal to catch a redfish and while seeing how many bass I could ring up.  The clouds were solid the entire time I was out there and I thought about throwing topwater but the ripple on the water from the north wind made me decide to stay subsurface. I did see plenty of shad on the surface but the only thing chasing them were pelicans. I ended up trolling a 10ft diving crank bait and hooked up with a 30 inch red right out of the gate. That was surprising but not as surprising as the next catch a flounder I have caught multiple redfish and seen a couple speckled trout caught but never a flounder.  My experience fishing the bayou has taught me that you never know whats swimming in that urban environment. Late in the day I was able to catch a bass , barely the fish was a solid 3 inches not much larger than the lure it hit. I wasnt able to catch any more bass I guess I need to get some more practice out there.

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