Bayou Bienvenue Mixed Bag

I decided to take the boat out a mild cold front had passed through the night before and the NW winds were draining the marsh. This was a perfect day to go to the hot water canal if that still existed but there are multiple deep areas that hold fish in the winter. We launched a little after sunrise and headed out to find some redfish the plan was to find some reds early then go back for the trout. We started off in the Mrgo at one of the larger drains with nothing so we decided to move up on the spot where the rocks line the bank. We drifted the rocks and Cody was able to hit a barely undersized red we fished around the area a little longer but nothing. We relocated to another spot where we had a deep drain going into a dead end that was blocked off we tried jigging but the wind and current made it difficult to feel the bite so after 8 minutes we were off to the next spot. This was another deeper area that I have had a lot of success in the past. We anchored up and began jigging slowly on the bottom I quickly had a hit but lost the fish on the way up. We stayed and jigged and I received another hit  I set the hook and began cranking. The fight was no runs just head shakes I thought it was a large lethargic trout but when I got it to the surface I could see the dark silhouette of a flounder. We continued in this spot with a bunch of short strikes and Cody was able to land a barely 12 inch keeper trout. Soon after we got impatient and left to look for more reds. We probably could have stayed and put together a decent box but that is not my style I like to look for greener grass when I am fishing. Sometime that works and other days its a regrettable decision. But I am not fishing for food so if I am not catching what I am aiming for I will got out and try to locate those fish and expand my knowledge.  We went on the hunt back into some deeper bayous hoping the low water would pull the reds out of the ponds. The rocks lining lake Borgne were completely visible and one of the spots I wanted to try was inaccessible so we ducked into a plan b. There was water movement and bait fish and shrimp were being chased. I sent in a gulp shrimp to a point where the bait was being scattered and my line went tight. Originally I thought it was a smaller red but it turned out to be a decent bass. That was the only fish we could pull out even though the bait kept getting scattered. It was getting late so we decided to try the wall on the way in but nothing was biting so we called it a day. All we did was prove that fish can be caught on bad weather days and if we would have hunkered down in a spot we could have put a decent box together.

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