DelaCroix Redfish Limits

I met up with Chris this was our first time fishing together this year. He has been having some amazing trips catching redfish in his secret spot so I asked him to take me out there and he agreed.  We met on the road and I followed Chris passed me on the highway on the way to the launch. We launched in perfect conditions light winds and as the day progressed the sun came up. We launched and skirted past a couple alligators to get to the prime waters Chris likes to fish. He pointed out the general layout and we split to divide and conquer. A isolated clump of roseau cane caught my eye and began I probing with a chatter bait.  A couple casts later I caught my first red of the day. The rest of the day went pretty similarly I worked points and threw the chatterbait and the redfish bit. I ended the day with a nice limit of reds all but one were released.

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