Boat fishing Bayou B

I had heard some reports of trout being caught in the Bayou Bienvenue area so we wet to see for ourselves. We started out at the Great wall but all we could get was a bass We didn't stay in this area very long but it seemed dead. So we headed out towards lake Borgne fishing along the rocks that line the banks and picked up a couple trout out there. I thought we had found the fish as my first two casts yeilded keeper Speckled trout but those were the only two. The water was dirty in lake Borgne so we headed towards lake Catherine in search of cleaner water. On the way there hitting points in the Icw we ran into a huge school of Pogies. After looking around we found a good spot that had water moving that looked a little better and the Pogies were getting chased by specks. We sat in this spot the rest of the day with prety steady action but we missed lots of fish.  After losing about 10 fish we ended the day with 10 in the box and a nice 30 inch redfish.

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