Caernarvon diversion fishing

I linked up with Mark from  M.Hood fishing for a trip to a off limits bank fishing spot. The Caernarvon diversion in St. Bernard parish is a freshwater discharge that allows Mississippi river water to flow into brackish marshes  of Reggio , Delacroix and Point a la Hache. We launched the boat at Sergines Marina and headed out across lake Lery to make it back to the diversion weir. We threw the cast net to catch bait and anchored up not knowing what would emerge from the murky depths. We cast out a variety of baits including cut bait on the bottom. The most effective method turned out to be a jig head with a fresh 2-3 inch menhaden worked slowly on the bottom proved deadly for the Gaspergou. My brother was able to figure out this technique and catch a a half dozen before I could get my first but once we switched both mark and I were able to land multiple Goo of varying sizes. On top of the Goo Mark was able to add a couple of 5 pound channel catfish including one that was a bright yellow color. It was a really cool trip and I want to thank Mark for suggesting the spot because I would have never gone with out him.

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