Speckled trout at Hopedale Marina

Met up with some Friends and subs Charlie Mutter and Greg and launched out of Hopedale marina. We left out t first light and went to our first area and only caught 1 fish a piece in the early morning. We gave up around 10 and headed back to the launch. But on the way back we fished and found the speckled trout schooled up directly across from the launch. Greg stayed there while I went and searched the marsh for a redfish that I couldn't get to bite. I tried sight fishing a few reds but all the reds I saw spooked when I put the lure right in front of them. Meanwhile Greg used a 3/8th ounce with a tiger bait matrix shad on the corner of Bayou la Loutre and the back levee canal to pick off a limit of speckled trout. The tide was falling hard around the point and we were throwing into the bayou and letting it push the lure back into the canal. As the lure was sinking the trout were sitting there waiting to hit it right before it hit the bottom.

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