Bushwhacking to get to the Redfish

We launched at a real "combat Kayak launch" this trip from the side of the road into thick Roseau canes and marsh grass. It was tough dragging the kayak through on the way out and there were a couple of unforeseen holes that dropped waist deep like quick sand. It was all worth it though to get back into those untouched ponds. The redfish behaved a lot like the mullet just schooling up and milling around in the ponds. We had to have see over 100 red fish in this one little area. It took a little while to find a clean pond but once we did it was on. The first two ponds had dolphins and mullet muddying them up so we quickly moved through. I was able to pick up a 25 incher on a soft plastic frog. Moving into the hot spot I immediately noticed widgeon grass and the water was a couple shades cleaner. Then i saw it the mother lode eight tails sticking up I paddled over and quickly pulled one redfish out of the pack . After landing I look to my left and two more schools were working down the bank. Meanwhile my buddy was was on the other side of the pond and he was on a school of upper slot fish. We watched these fish for the next hour I was able to pick off four more but passed on at least 20 fish.It was an amazing day and it would have never happened if we didn't get creative with our launch. Dragging through the marsh wasn't easy, but it payed off in the end.

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