Diy Hobie Gear Bucket

Overpriced hobie bucket
I have been fighting with this crappy dollar store clothes basket for months every time I move my outback everything falls out and I have to search around the inside to find everything. I was almost about to buy the Hobie Hatch Liner when I remembered something I found a while back. When I was searching for a center hatch storage solution  I found an idea to use a flexible bucket on an Australian forum. Only problem was that they were getting the bucket from a store that doesn't exist over here nor did they have a manufacture name of the product. Recently I lucked up into finding the Tubtrugs Flexible Yellow Medium 26 Liter it fits perfectly in the front hatch of the Outback with a little trimming.This is a quick DIY and it is taking way longer to write this than it took me to complete the project.

 Tools: Sharpie
           Razor Knife

1. Throw away the old crappy basket or put the overpriced hobie hatch liner back on the shelf.
 2. After you complete the first step get your new bucket and insert it into the front hatch make sure its pressed all the way down to the bottom of the kayak.
bucket before trimming.

3.Trace around the bucket to get the contour of the hatch so you will know how much to cut off of you bucket.Take your time on this step and don't draw multiple lines like I did. Another tip mark the front so once you cut it makes it easier to line it up when you reinstall the cut bucket.

4. Now its time to cut the bucket to fit. Start the cut with the razor knife and then finish up with the scissors. Rather than cutting directly down the middle of the line I recommend cutting on the top of the line to allow for adjustment later on. Place the cut bucket back into the front hatch trim the edges that are not exact and youre done.

Final product.

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