Paddlepalooza Week Summary Part 1

I did a lot of fishing this past week of the April 7th I had a couple of pretty good days and a couple of bad days. One day which I upgraded my personal best bass. I didnt have time to write a summary after each trip so I will do a series of posts about last week. Since this week it doesn't look like I will get much fishing in because of the weather. So heres part one

redfish speckled trout flounder
cajun slam
The Fishing last week started off pretty good I decided to take this trip after seeing the weatherman was wrong again and it wasn't going to rain. Wednesday I loaded up at 9 Am and I headed to sawmill pass near the rigolets. I launched at Fort Pike launch and headed south across the pass. I fished the shoreline along the drop off which was very easy because the crab traps were set along the contour. I kept the tackle pretty simple by using my favorite 3/8th ounce jighead and a frogs breath deadly dudley. As I was pedaling down the bank I could see there was little glass minnows and pogies being busted with regularity. I began casting towards the bank and reeling with a steady retrieve and pretty quickly I boated a 24 inch redfish. After catching that fish I noticed a couple of loons diving on a point I pedaled that way casting while relocating. I caught a perfect 18 inch speckled trout. I continued to the point and once I got there I could see three separate schools of bait being blasted. My first cast towards one of the schools yielded a 16 inch redfish which fought like the trout I had just caught. I recently received a tagging kit from tag Louisiana and this seemed like a good candidate for my first tag. I released the tagged fish and continued casting to this hotbed of activity. A few casts later I got a good bump and set the hook. The fish swam straight towards the boat but wouldn't come up I was able to muscle it up from the depths and to my surprise It was a nice flounder. By this time the bait had moved down the bank about 20 feet and I followed. I casted to the left of a pod of bait reeled a couple of times and bam I had a 17 inch red. It was quickly tagged and released for science. I fished for 20 minutes longer as the trip was cut short by the notorious spring winds of south louisiana. I Felt I did pretty good for only fishing an hour and a half . This was my first slam in the outback and I was not sure if it was a good or bad omen for the weekends tournament.

Launched at fort pike fished the green circled bank

Stay tuned for part two...

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