Catch More Fish: Tools for Planning a Kayak Fishing Trip

Step 1: Know where you are going
For me choosing a area to fish is the hardest decisions to make. The options in south Louisiana are endless between the different saltwater and freshwater fishing areas that we have.

If you live in Louisiana become a member at and use their member maps to select from the hundreds of tried and true launch locations.

If not use your local club or Google earth to find likely launch spots.

step 2: Check the weather
You should probably do this before and after choosing your launch location but once is enough for me. To be Honest most of the time this is a step I skip and I end up launching in Twenty mph winds or caught racing a thunderstorm back to the launch.

 Watch the news for the upcoming forecast or use your favorite online weather forecasting site. I like and their hourly feature just dont trust their wind forecast. This site gives you real time data including water levels, water temperature, wind speed, as well as predicted tide charts. some more tide info has some different stations

When on the water the weatherbug app is great for keeping track of the weather.

Step 2: Do some virtual scouting 
Read some recent reports from the area you have chosen make note of any GPS coordinates, names of waterways ,and any other geographical info that was referenced.

Some sites with good south Louisiana fishing reports

 Use Google Earth and explore the area you intend on fishing. Make note of areas of interest
this is a good summary of how its done.
also look for current lines

Step 3: Make a float plan
The coastguard breaks it down for you here


  1. Awesome post! Stream fishing is definitely the way to go, I prefer to fly fishing both warm water and cold water. Trout streams are much easier to catch fish on with a fly rod. Stream fishing is great for beginners and for teaching children the fishing trade. Streams offer a variety of fishing opportunity and an abundance of fish. Thanks for posting useful post!:)

  2. Awesome Tools for Planning a Kayak Fishing Trip ! I used to have a was stolen from my back yard recently. That sucks, now I have to save up for a new one. Anyways, before buying a Kayak, you really and I mean really have to consider what you're getting into. Thanks :)

  3. Great post! Very useful and informative ! here some really awesome trip about kayak fishing !
    Really appreciable post! If someone are going to end up finishing the day with a goose egg, if you have a bad technique. One need to understand that casting from a kayak is a lot different than casting from land or a boat.
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