Last Night

I had originally planned to do some prefishing for the upcoming golden meadow smackdown tournament but Labor day weekend was forecast to be really rainy so I postponed that until next weekend. That didn't stop me from making a fishing trip this weekend though. When studying the weather I noticed the rain percentage was nearly zero at night so I knew I would be  Fishing the lights this holiday weekend. Thursday night I launched at 3am and headed out into the darkness a quick peddle and I was to the first set of lights . My first or second cast I set the hook and drag immediately starts ripping off  line. I'm thinking its a nice redfish until a four foot garfish jumps completely out the water. I quickly subdued the gar and tried to snap a few pictures before it snapped my line. This is the best I could do with my phone in the darkness.

I stayed at this light for an hour catching throw back after throwback I managed only one keeper before I moved on to the next one. At the next light the fish were slightly larger. Instead of mostly 10 inchers they were slightly bigger and we were able to keep maybe one out of the five that we caught. I ended up with six keeper specks but I must have caught 30 or 40.  The sun came up at 6:30 and I moved to a nearby shore line where I could see bait being blasted I cast my topwater for a while before I was able to hook up with a nice slot red fish. we called it a day around 8:30 before it even got hot. Saturday night we watched the weather and got out around 10 pm being a holiday weekend everyone was at their camps and had the lights on. We headed to the closest lights and began fishing the rain and winds had clouded  up the  a little but it was still fishable .We fished a bunch of lights even underwater lights but had very little success. After  not catching anything for an hour or two and moving from spot to spot we made it to the light that we had fished Thursday night. On my first cast I caught a trout and from then on we sat there until 4 am catching fish after fish. I tried throwing my favorite sparkle beetles but they wouldn't touch it. My most productive lures ended up being the mirrodine mini, mirrominnow and a mr-52 the ability to pause the lures in the strike zone is what triggered the strikes. I ended up with nine keepers an improvement on my six from the previous night. The bite should only get better from here as more trout move to the inside and the shrimp increase in numbers.
Thursday nights catch.
Saturday nights catch

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