Finally the Fall Run

Lake pontchartrain anglers have been waiting for the speckled trout to show up on the normal fall hotspots. I had been fishing all around lake Pontchartrain and catching a few here and there but have not been able to get anywhere near a 25 fish limit. This past  tuesday I had a couple hours that morning before I had to get to a meeting. I loaded up the night before and headed out early I arrived at the launch before the sun came up. I started working the mouth of a bayou close to the launch where I had been catching trout on topwater and suspended baits all october but nothing happened. Not one bite on the shoreline so I moved on to a nearby reef . My first cast at the reef yielded a solid 15 inch speck I spent the next hour catching fish on everything except topwater. I now switch my focus from lake pontchartrain to down highway 23 and the Fall n Tide tournament.



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