DIY Power Pole Micro Anchor Mount on Hobie

Finished product Hobie Outback with Power Pole
micro anchor.
I finally decided to mount my Power Pole Micro Anchor onto my Hobie Outback.  It took me longer than anticipated to get it permanently mounted. Since Hobie didn't make a mount for the outback like they did for the pro angler I got to be creative in my mounting. I scoured the internet for ideas on how to mount it to the Outback or other kayaks in general. I tossed around Ideas of mounting it on the front of the kayak or right behind the seat but I decided that the pole would get in the way when casting or fighting a fish. So I went with the safe method of mounting it on the back. If you don't want to do it the Diy way the YakAttack kits are a well put together solution that includes everything you need to mount your power pole to your kayak. Since you have made it this far you probably are going to build your own adapter plate to mount your  Power Pole Micro Anchor. You can use Starboardor I used a 1/2 inch Cutting Board.

Step 1: Make a template out of cardboard. I went through a couple iterations making sure that I maintained the functionality of the rudder,rear hatch,and the handle.

Step 2: Cut out your template and check the fit and placement with your template. Making changes to the cardboard template if necessary.

 Step 3: After checking the fit trace your template onto your chopping board.  After tracing you need to cut it out. I used a jig saw which cut the board very easy. The saw did leave a few burrs that so I hit the edges with a piece of sand paper to knock them down.

Step 4: Double check the placement of the mounting adapter adapter plate and the bracket. After getting every thing properly lined up. Tape it to the kayak to hold everything solid while you mark and drill your holes.

Step 5: I did the steps out of order and mounted the bracket first. In Hindsight I would mount the adapter plate to the outback and then mount the bracket to the plate.

After drilling its time to attach the adapter plate to the hull using 1 1/2 stainless machine screws and nylon lock nuts. Then I just followed the steps in the supplied installation guide to finish up.
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