Care and Maintenance of Your Fishing Kayak

My mirage fin mast snapped.

When I got my first kayak care and maintenance were not high on my list. I viewed my Outback as a indestructible fishing machine I never washed it ,or took the time to do any preventative maintenance. These tips should help you prolong the life of your kayak and give you more time on the water catching fish. Although kayaks are low maintenance in relation to most boats there are a few things that require some occasional care. These are some tips on keeping your kayak looking and performing its best.

Cleaning  Pretty self explanatory remove dirt ,salt,and fish slime should be done after every trip warm soapy water is recommended.  After a through washing apply a coating of 303 spray it doesn't have to be too thick just a thin coating will give it a nice sheen and act as sunscreen for your kayak.

Lubrication On the Hobie mirage kayaks this is more important than others but many kayaks have rudders and other moving parts. Lubricating the mirage drive is pretty simple and  this post breaks it down for you in great detail. The other moving parts like the rudder and steering components  are lubed with silicone spray and candle wax where the rudder lines enter the hull. While lubricating check for any loose screws and tighten them up if necessary.
The final thing is to apply Dielectric grease to the ends of the plugs of my fish finder and any other electronics to prevent corrosion.
Also don't forget to lubricate  zippers on life jackets

Repair fix deep scratches in your kayak by using this tarp melting method. I have used this to fix the oyster rash on my Outback. I also reinforced the nose area that always scratches when launching and landing.

Fix any tears in you mirage drive fins with Gorilla Tape. It also doesn't hurt to carry a roll with you for emergency repairs.

Storage Improper storage can cause major damage to your hull.When storing your kayak you have to counteract two of earths strongest forces Gravity and the Sun.To prevent gravity from doing damaging you kayak over time it should be stored on its side. If not stored properly your hull may warp and distort. A great solution is NRS Kayak Hanger along with providing the proper support it will free up floor space in the garage also check out the Talic Wall Mounted Boat Storage Rack. If you choose to store you kayak outside you may want to build a PVC rack to keep your kayak off the ground. Adding a simple Kayak Cover  will keep the sun from fading and making your kayak brittle over time.

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