Becoming the Compleat Angler

In an effort to become like Izaak Walton the author of the compleat angler read here .I finally made an effort to learn to fly fish I have had a fly rod for about three years now and have never really tried to learn how to use it. This week that changed and I don't know why I waited so long. My training pond would be the pond at the Olde Izaak Walton park in Leesburg Virginia. This pond has a variety of species including crappie and bass ,but my target were the abundant bluegill. The same fish I honed my spin fishing skills on when I was just starting out fishing.  


The pond is relatively small and not the best place to fly fish because of the many trees on the banks but there is one area that is clear enough for a beginner like me cast. The clear area near the parking lot also turned out to be a the most productive area we fished. The blue gill were very aggressive and would attack the lure as soon as it hit the surface. They were a welcome distraction  from the frustrations of learning to cast the fly rod

golden shiner

By the end of the day my casting had improved and I was able to cast further and pretty accurately. Collin was able to catch a couple different species using the small inline spinner including a small bass and a new species a golden shiner which I read would make a great bait for big bass. The fly rod even with my lack of experience was super productive for the pan fish. I definitely will be using my fly rod much more in the coming weeks and i cant wait until I catch my first smallmouth on the fly.

 The surprise of the day came when  Collin and I landed crappie on consecutive casts.
first crappie on the fly rod

This small creek is full of green sunfish

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