Catch my Fish Backwards

After working all weekend and missing the Makbf Pohick bay tournament I was itching to get out. Monday was my day off and I wasn't going to spend it watching tv. I decided to get up early and head to Sandy Point state park to continue my education on fishing the Chesapeake bay for Rockfish. In my previous trips I have caught many schoolies but I want to learn to target the larger fish. I initially started out trying to use my fish finder to find marks and  jig the bridge. I spent about 45 minutes
These little guys were everywhere
Jigging around the pilings looking for marks. I gave up on the bridge sooner than I planned because of the heavy boat traffic from the crews working on the bridge.

I left the bridge and headed to the steep drop off outside of the lighthouse. I trolled my way over and
was rewarded with the first fish of the day. It hit a chartreuse 6 inch curly tail trolled on a 3/4 ounce jighead. I trolled  the rest of the day landing a bunch of small 14 inch stripers. I returned to the bridge before heading in and was able to land a double before heading in.

my first striper double
This trip was a little confusing I feel like my knowledge of targeting these fish has grown but the size that I am catching have not. I may have to result to drifting blood worms that seem to be working well for the guys on the beach

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