Daily Routine: Winter Warm Spell

 Yesterday I took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and an unexpected day off to do some pond fishing. Despite the air temperature being in the mid 60's  the water has long been in the 50's and dropping. As I learned last winter cold water fishing is not my strong suit but I am always trying to learn new tactics and improve my skills. I consider myself a patient fisherman and am willing to spend hours without a bite but I am horrible at slow presentations. 

I like to cover lots of water when fishing and presentations where you dont move the lure for 10 or 20 seconds at a time seem counterproductive. That is why I chose a small pond so I could focus on  the presentation my brother suggested a weightless wacky rig he had fished the same pond a couple days before and caught 30 bass but it was way too slow for me. I decided to switch to a dropshot  my only experience with it was a fail at kbf lake marburg. It took me a while to get a slow enough rhythm but after about an hour of slower and slower action i got it dialed in and I detected my first hit. I missed that fish but on the next cast I mimicked the cadence not moving the lure for twenty seconds and it was fish on. A tiny little bass in the next 30 minutes I caught two more each about an inch bigger than the last.

Then after moving to the the other side of the pond and no hits for a while I think I started moving the lure too fast. I slowed back down and started getting a few more bites.  After getting back on track I landed the biggest fish of the day a 17 inch chunky fish.

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