Winter Kayak Pickerel Fishing

I finally got back out in my kayak after well over a month long hiatus.  This trip was planned a year ago when I first arrived in Virginia. The plan was to hit the Severn river the day morning after making the 16 hour drive from New Orleans to Northern Virginia. Needless to say we didn't wake up that morning and we opted to head to a closer small local lake where we didn't catch anything. So after a full 365 days passing we finally scheduled a day to make the trip. We Loaded up the gear the night before and got out early Monday morning. We launched and immediately began fishing I headed for some branches in the water Collin began fishing a transition from rocks to a wooden break wall. On what seemed like his second cast I hear him yell fish on and he landed a 20 inch Pickerel.After fishing that area with nothing else to show we relocated to another area with more boat slips and docks. Collin was using a 3 inch paddle tail jig on a 1/4 ounce jig head and erratically working it through the middle of the water column. His technique was working well as he landed 18inch another pickerel while I was shuffling through my rods and lures looking for a the perfect solution. After trying a fluke ,spinner bait, and the same jig Collin was using with no success.

Mirrodine mini catches big speckled trout and Pickerel

I tied on a Mirrodine mini one of my favorite lures and it didn't take long before I had a fish strike the lure. Then on the next cast another follow it back to the boat. Meanwhile Collin had hooked up with three more but was only able to land one. The water temp was in the 50s and I was working my lure pretty slow pausing it for long periods to let it sink back to the bottom and it was drawing interest but not too many strikes. I started working it faster out of frustration and I had a fish grab it and shake off I continued to work it and got another hit and quickly landed my first a tiny little pickerel. We fished the rest of the day figuring out a solid pattern where it was almost predictable which docks and banks would hold fish. Collin was also able to land a couple stripers to add some variety.
Annapolis chain pickerel

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