Daily Routine: Crushing the Crappie

With the time change and more daylight after work I am finding lots of time to fish. The main target for this month has been crappie and they have been hit or miss. In the ponds where I caught many on the fly rod they have been nonexistent but in the river they have been on fire getting bigger and more plentiful  every week. My near citation crappie from last week had me dreaming of stringers of big slabs so we decided to try a day fishing with big crappie baits. I abandoned the float and fly and I tied on a 4 inch storm swim bait. Most people would think that that it is too big to catch crappie but if you look at a their mouth it is large enough to swallow some big forage. Collin was skeptical that it would work but on my third cast I pulled a 13 inch crappie out then a couple casts later another nice slab. Soon after though i snagged my line and lost the bait. I switched to a weightless 4 inch zoom fluke and picked off 4 more nice crappie. Big baits work the quality of the fish was much better every fish I caught was 12  or better while Collin picked through the smaller ones.

We kept fishing and my big baits slowed down and Collin started to pull a fish every cast he simply switched from using a cork to swimming it on the bottom. The swimming action with the smaller lure was working better than the big bait and the quality was just as good. Collin was on a really good run every cast he was catching crappie after crappie he set the hook on something ant the fight was different. It came to the surface and the shape was different long and slender. It turned out to be a walleye a fish we have traveled all over to try and catch. The walleye was the icing on a great day  we caught at least 40 crappie 2 bass and  1 walleye.

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