Daily Routine: Micro fishing

Yesterday we did a little 2 hour session of micro fishing at a local pond to keep the streak going. I broke out the fly rod for the first time in 2016 and to say I am a little rusty is an understatement. I could not make the line lay straight to save my life I was able to make one cast that didn't spook everything In the vicinity and was able to land one bluegill. The best part of my flyfishing was when a fellow fisherman took pity on me and showed me the proper roll cast technique. Soon after catching the gill I put the fly rod back in the truck and grabbed my ultralight spinning rod.  I rigged up with a 1 inch gulp minnow and we went to fish a small stream that runs through the park . We caught a few creek chubs and Collin even caught a surprise 12 inch largemouth. 
the water is small but the fish are plentiful
These impromptu trips seem to be the most enjoyable for me fishing for me has grown more and more complicated and it is nice to scale back sometimes. Taking it back to where my fishing journey started fishing for whatever would bite.

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