Daily Routine: Exploring Familiar Waters

Yesterday evening my brother and I got out for a quick session on some familiar water from an unfamiliar perspective. We hit Goose Creek a place we have fished often for the past 10 years but we fished from a bank that we had never stalked from. We had  been having light rain every day for the past week so the river was slightly elevated. I figured the increased flow would dislodge the bait and make the fish bite but in reality it made it tough to fish the unweighted plastics we had tied on. I focused on the banks where the higher water pooled up behind different outcroppings form the bank. The fish weren't there I didn't even get a hit I did however snag a bait fish. My brother drifted a weightless wacky rigged worm prospecting large parts of the creek. He let the water push the worm into the smaller less visible eddies and would let it settle in where it would slow down. This tactic covered much more water than my presentation and he was rewarded with a small prize his first smallmouth of 2016.

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