Daily Routine: Wally World

Decided to go to the Pond that has been a consistent producer all year. We went out yesterday as our second stop pond hopping right before dark and caught a couple. So we hit it again this evening and it didn't disappoint. I had not caught a real fish on topwater yet this year so I threw a Heddon torpedo while Collin used a the fluke. It was cloudy with sporadic drizzle perfect for topwater and the big fish were eager to hit on top.

The day before I tried throwing a topwater with only one small hit . Today they were not hitting the topwater hard but they would come up and inhale it on a long pause. I figured this out by accident the first fish I caught I took my attention off the lure when I heard the strike and instinctually set the hook. Collins fluke remained deadly as he fan casted areas and was able to pull multiple fish without moving. He even caught a few of the fish that missed the hooks when striking my topwater. It felt good to get some solid pullage on the light pond rods and to get a few solid fish on top.The topwater was good for the larger fish but the fluke out caught it 4 to 1. Collin ended up with 13 and I only landed 3 and a half.

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