Kayak Snakehead Fishing at Mattawoman

Memorial day we decided to pull the kayaks out and get serious about catching a snakehead. We have been on a 2 week hunt for Snakeheadt them taking the canoe out after work to the Potomac. These trips have yielded many different species but no snakehead. We decided we needed to try  try out a new spot we landed on FE.Matingly park in Indian head Maryland. It sits on Mattawoman creek and is part of the tidal Potomac system. When we launched it was low tide and it would be rising throughout the day. I like to fish a falling tide most of the time but it was good going at low tide because it eliminated many spots by making them too shallow for the fish to utilize. So we concentrated on the deeper banks 2 foot and deeper these were signified most of the time by being lined with pickerel weed. Collin started off throwing a weightless fluke he has had one in some shape or form tied on for a few weeks now.

 I started with a frog we had a good overcast sky and I don't need much  of an excuse to throw topwater. We worked the banks upstream from the launch figuring it would be less water to cover and the fish would be more consolidated on low tide. Collin struck first with a 15 inch large mouth a good start but what made this fish special was that it was tagged by Maryland DNR. We separated at this point and I went and explored an old industrial dock there was lots of wood and debris that look seemed like it would hold fish. The water was really shallow around it but it should  hold fish during the high tide. I turned around to yell and ask Collin how he was doing he yelled back he had missed a fish as  he let out another cast soon after it hit the water I saw an explosion and he was hooked up. As he got it closer he got really excited and I knew he had his first snakehead hooked up. He skillfully landed a very nice looking specimen and a new species to cross off his list. It was still early and Collin had caught the fish we had come for we went into a smaller creek and I had a huge blowup from what I assume was a snakehead but I freaked and set the hook too soon. After this the action went dead for about an hour until we switched to more power fishing lures I used a Wakebait and he used a ChatterBait. We worked deeper upstream to another pickerel grass bank and I finally caught my first fish a 16 inch Largemouth. Soon after I had a 24inch channel cat blow up on my Wakebait I knew I had a snakehead for the first 5 seconds of the fight.  We continued the rest of the day on the high tide fishing in the flooded spatterdock We landed combined 2 yellow perch and 3 more bass that were larger 18to19 inchers before calling it quits.

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