Daily Routine: Simple Fishing LA 23

To sum up this trip I would have to say it was simple. We loaded up the yak trailer and took a short drive to a nice piece of marsh on the west bank of the Mississippi River. We could have come home with a nice mess of fish if we would have kept them. We launched at 5pm and spent a productive afternoon picking off redfish A couple speckled trout and Gafftops that were giving us a little too much love. I threw a lure I gained an affinity for when snakehead fishing the Chatter bait. The benefit of using it over the gold spoon or a spinner bait is it gives off a more intense vibration than the other two. The water is never crystal clear in Port Sulphur so that extra sound gives you an advantage to attracting the reds. The good old popping cork another noise maker was essential in for calling the Gafftops from miles away  and allowed us to catch our limit quickly we also picked away at a few specks in between the slime balls. It was  great  to spend a Monday afternoon in the marsh.

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