Exploring Kiptopeke and the Concrete Ships

This 4th of July I had Saturday off and I was determined to head south and find a Cobia in the Chesapeake Bay.  The weather wasn't perfect with scattered thunderstorms and afternoon winds but it looked like we had a nice weather window on Monday morning. We loaded up everything and decided to head out Sunday around noon and do a little scouting and pier fishing that afternoon/night. We got down there around 4 and as we crossed the CBBT we could see the bay was really rough. We made it to Kiptopeke state park and decided to launch and explore the Concrete ships the plan was to also catch some Croakers that could be used as bait or chum when we went out to fish for the Cobia in the Am. 

We started at the ships alone but soon after we were joined by a couple of boats. We ended up catching 2 croakers a 4 oyster fish 2 undersized weakfish and I caught an undersized flounder. We headed in to try fishing the pier since we didn't catch enough croakers. The fishing on the pier sucked but the blue crabs were running thick there were 100 people up on the pier catching crabs. I saw one fish caught the entire time we were on the pier but about a 1000 crabs caught. I even started crabbing with my fishing rod it was too easy. We called it a night around 11 because we planned to wake up around 4 to hit the water. Those couple hours passed quickly and we woke up unprepared to hit the water. The weather forecast changed and we were leery to paddle out to the cobia grounds if the thunderstorms were going to roll in like expected.We hit the pier to see what was going on there wee a few fisherman still up there we gave it a shat and I was able to land a small silver trout and Collin caught a cutlass fish. That was the end of the fishing for the weekend we never launched the kayaks or got to fish for the Cobia.I have to get out there again Soon.

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