Its Hot in Herre: August Delacroix Kayak Redfishing

 We Launched into the darkness at 5 am it was calm and there was a slight breeze enough to keep the mosquito's away. This was my second time fishing the area we were heading and the plan was to explore and catch a few more than the 1 I had caught a few weeks ago. We had met Cody and Gary at the launch and we started in the same pond but quickly separated to meet up at a spot deeper in the marsh. Collin and I kept moving and by the time the sun came up we were almost to the first area we wanted to fish.

 I started throwing a Whopper Plopper 130 but after  a few casts my reel broke and the spool wouldn't engage when I reeled. I put the topwater away and picked up the best Redfish lure for the Delacroix area and threw it for the rest of the day. The Gold spoon dominates my Redfishing especially when I am around the grassy marshes near the Missisippi river. When Fishing through all the weeds its the most hassle free lure when casting to such heavy cover. It didnt take long before my first victim fell for the spoon It was a nice 24 inch red that looked healthy. When it flopped over to the other side I could see it didn't have any scales on its belly. I had never seen a fish with a sore this large. I think this fish had been caught before and improperly handled with a towel or a dry hand which wiped off the slime and caused the scales to fall off. We continued deeper and met back up with Cody. When we got to the pond we were targeting I almost immediately hooked up a 22 inch fish. I continued down the bank and hooked another quickly after along the same bank and then had another fish hit on three separate casts before it lost interest. This one island in this pond held a bunch of fish because we fished around the rest of the area with only Collin and I catching one a piece. We turned around to go back home fishing the same area I caught fish before Cody caught 3 in quick secession and I caught my fifth a small 19 incher to round out my limit.

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