Too Cold Cypremort Point Turkey Trout Shootout 2016

I fished Lafayette kayak fishing club Turkey trout shootout at Cypremort point Louisiana. We were in the middle of a December cold snap and the thermometer read right above freezing when we did the shotgun launch Majority of competitors headed for the cove and I followed but continued around to try out the actual point. At the point I found some deeper water compared to the five every where else. I then went into the marina thinking it was like the lake but it was 5 feet in there but there was bait. After striking out I decided to troll all the way back to Shark bayou. Fished the out side bends and found depths up to 15 feet slowly jigging yielded two hits one being the rat red on the left and the other I lost before seeing it. With an hour left I left the bayou and decided to check out the cove I trolled a rattle trap and black and green cocahoe. when I got to the cove I started casting towards an area where a cormorant was working and on my 3rd or 4th cast I got a hit on the fall and reeled in a 1.31 pound speckled trout. this fish gave me something to weigh and make the long drive from New Orleans somewhat worth it. I also won some really cool Buggs fishing lures that will come in handy when sight fishing for redfish.

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