Shell Beach Sheep Herding

I was surprised with a wake up call at 5:00 the day after Christmas it was my uncle asking if I wanted to take a ride to St Bernard parish. He told me to wake up Collin and get ready and he would pick us up in 15 minutes. We got down to Breton sound marina in the fog and waited in line to launch. the mild temps had a lot more people at the launch than usual for a late December day. The fog cleared as we launched and we headed to Lena lagoon to Booby's favorite spot. The tide was rising and we weren't able to get all the way to the back so we set up at a drain and began fishing. Booby threw live shrimp and Collin and I used suspending baits. Collin started us off with a 13 inch speck followed quickly by a double of Large mouth. This is how the catching went for the next hour steadily picking up trout and bass here and there. The bite died so we decided to crank up and run to lake Borgne we dropped anchor over some structure and began jigging and Carolina rigging live shrimp. On plastic we had a slow trout bite of mixed sized trout. The real bite at this spot was the sheepheads every live shrimp that landed too close to the structure yielded a large sheephead we could have caught them all day but we decided to go back in Lena and see if the falling tide would reignite the trout and bass. We began fishing in a very similar spot to the first and immediately started to pick up solid 1 and 2 pound bass we caught about 10 more before deciding to call it a day. It was an unusually warm day with some unusually good bass fishing ,but maybe this is the new normal for shell beach.

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