Bulls on the Beach

Went down to Grand Isle this past Saturday July 12 to do some scouting for the upcoming Slamboree tournament on the 26. I had not been down hwy 1 since my dreadful performance at  Paddle Palooza (click to read about it) so I was eager to improve on my last trip. The reports I was getting on the days leading up to the trip were good and there was clean water a fast trout bite and hungry redfish prowling all over. We woke up way too early and drove down to meet up with the guys we would be fishing with we met at Elmers island. We originally planned to do a little surf fishing but we decided to launch the kayaks at the beach to increase our ability to follow the fish. I started throwing a pink Rapala Saltwater Skitter Walk  and I quickly caught a 11 7/8 speckled trout. I could hear the trout popping all around me but before I could unhook and throw into the frenzy again a pod of dolphins blasted through and spooked me and scattered the trout. The dolphins were everywhere but there was also something smaller that was boiling up occasionally. I have seen Jack Crevalle doing something similar so I told my brother to cast into the school because he has been wanting to hook up with one. He cast in and almost immediately hooked up but this wasn't running like a jack it was a redfish so I quickly cast into the school and I was hooked up too. It took me about 10 minutes to subdue my fish by the time I got my fish in Collin had his in already.We fished the beach for an hour longer with little to show for it. 
Bull Reds in Grand Isle.
We headed back to the truck to start scouting for the tournament the first spot we went was a trout spot. We found them and every one started catching them the only problem is most were 11 inch specks an inch short of legal size. We were able to pull a couple keepers from the many cigar trout. We then headed up the road to a spot with some broken marsh to fish for redfish. I have never been frustrated by redfish like this in my life. The only reason I know the redfish were there was because Cody limited out in the hour and a half we were out there. I will be heading back out there this weekend to try and figure out where the big trout and flounder are at. Follow me on Twitter at Fishxscale Instagram FishxScale email me at Fishxscale@gmail.com comments questions suggestions.

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