Catfish: The Rigolets

Took an evening trip out to the Rigolets we arrived at the launch around 4 o'clock. There were some storms in the distance that had some lightning so we decided to wait it out at the launch. The storms rolled past us quickly and didn't even rain on us at the launch. So we pushed off schools of bait were registering as solid lines on the fish finder on my brothers kayak.  We fished hard around some points that had good current and bait but no takers. At one point I pulled into a cove and there was a school of large fish in a feeding frenzy scattering bait everywhere. I cast my mirrodine multiple times into the fray but no takers.  After this disappointing sequence I decided to move to the deeper waters of the pass on my first cast i hooked something big that was fighting similar to that bull redfish I hooked the other day. I fought it through a couple of drag stripping runs finally I had wore it out and reeled it in it was...
Gaff topsail catfish 
My brother may or may not have caught one that was larger than this but we have no proof and plus he is arguing about the size of a trashfish.

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