Lake Pontchartrain Cruel Summer

Took a a quick trip to lake Pontchartrain Friday July 11 to fish the bridges and the shore lines. I had not fished the lake in a while so it was almost like fishing a new spot. I knew the the water would be dirty because of the westerly direction the wind has been blowing  for the past week or two. We started at sunrise working the shorelines with top waters. There were mullet that were getting harassed by what I thought were redfish so I threw to the edges of the school. Soon after my hunch was proven by this red that crushed the super spook. After that I was attacked by sharks twice I had them grab my topwater but the 20lb braid I was using was no match for their teeth and they quickly cut the line. I have plans for these guys and I am preparing my rig as I am typing this post.

19 inch red on top water from Lake Pontchartrain

Lake Pontchartrain Flounder
We then went to the bridges and started jigging the pilings of the trestle and the highway 11 bridge.  The only other fish I was able to catch was this beautiful flounder by jigging a saltwater assassin on a 3/8 ounce jig head. My brother was fishing with market shrimp and fish bites imitation shrimp strips along the highway 11 bridge. He caught  puppy drum and  almost 30 croakers a few were big enough to keep and a couple of hard head catfish. It felt good to get back on the water but we headed in early at about 11 o'clock to get ready for our trip to Grand Isle. Stay tuned for that report coming soon.

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