Anticlimatic Slamboree recap

This has proved to be a very busy time for tournament kayak fishing it started with the Lafayette kayak fishing clubs La 1 Slamboree tournament on July 26. Cody, my brother and I prefished for three straight weekends for this tournament and we explored  many areas I had not fished before. During prefishing we were able to find some good trout and redfish. When the tournament finally rolled around I was confident I would be able to have a decent stringer to weigh in. The day started out well I caught a 12 inch trout right off the bat Ii then stumbled upon a school of bait that was being pounded by something . I threw my topwater in and quickly reeled in a gafftop catfish I cast in again and another this went on for 15 minutes until I gave up and moved to a point with some current I was able to land a 16 inch speck. After that speck It was more gafftops until I caught my only redfish of the day a 15 inch that I tagged and released. My buddy Cody fared much better than me as he caught a keeper speckled trout and he had what we thought was a perfect slot redfish that would put him somewhere near the top. Cody's redfish turned out to be 1/16th of an inch too big  but it was still an impressive showing for his first tournament. Also to put the slam in Slamboree you were supposed to catch a flounder I still don't know where they live heres the only flounder i could find over the four trips we took down the highway.
The only flounder I could fool.

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