Im Just Tryna Catch a Striper One Time

This past weekend My brother and I decided to brave some frigid 30 degree weather and take the kayaks out. The nuclear warmed waters of  Lake Anna would be a good place to start on such a cold day. My goal for the day was to try and catch my first true Striper. When we launched the lake was a 49 degrees on my Lowrance. I figured It wouldn't be as hard as I anticipated to find active feeding fish. All my research had led me to concentrate on the 20 foot contour as this is where the experts  say the Stripers will concentrate when the sun is high in the winter. The method I fished the Striper much like I fish speckled trout in  Louisiana jigging the dropoff when I marked something on the fishfinder. My brother was using a hybrid trolling method where he would troll until he marked significant action and then he would begin jigging. We were both rigged up with soft plastic paddle tails on 3/8th ounce jig heads. I had a pack of H&H opening night handy it has a pink tint and its one of five colors I use in Louisiana my brother stuck with his favorite clear water bait a blue moon Deadly Dudley with a chartreuse tail. We started making our way along the 20 foot contour and began immediately marking fish. After marking a few fish we lucked up on a frenzy and bait was being chased everywhere I did not receive a hit after multiple casts. My brother on the other hand was hooked up and quickly reeled in a little catfish. 

After located another area of activity and again I worked my jig through the frenzy with nothing while my brother was cranking up a three pound large mouth bass. This was the first time I had been skunked in a while so this bothered me and I began to try find a reason why he caught fish and I didn’t. I recently stumbled on this infographic. It reminded me that my theory that color does not matter might not be true every where. In the relatively shallow waters of south east Louisiana you can get away with colors you cant in the deeper water of Lake Anna. This weekend I will put this to the test and try some different colors.
A nice simple breakdown of color selection.

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