Top Ten Destinations for 2015:Part 1

Moving up to Virginia I am overwhelmed with so many new species and habit to explore. The diversity of the fishing within a 3 hour drive of where I live is amazing. This is just a list of the initial places that intrigue me whether it be the location ,scenery or the potential to add another species to my list.

Mallows bay is a really cool setting to fish paddling among the wreckage of all the old ships. Plus the abundance of structure should make for some great bass fishing in this area.


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Kiptopeke I cant wait until this area turns on. I love targeting big fish from my kayak. Theres something about being hooked to a fish that is pulling you around. The feeling when you are finally able to see it come to the surface is a rush that I live for. I plan on spending some time here in pursuit of a trophy striper.


Elizabeth river this area is known to produce some biiig speckled trout.

Cbbt 17.6 miles of artificial reef which provides habitat for a large variety of species. Some that I am familiar with like the redfish, black drum, flounder, and sheepshead and some not so familiar striped bass, spadefish, tautog, and triggerfish.

Pohick Bay The exotic northern snakehead has established a solid population in the tidal Potomac. The swampy upper reaches of the bay provide a great habitat for the snakehead to hunt and grow to massive sizes.

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