Top Ten Destinations for 2015:Part 2

Part 2 of my list of places to kayak fish in 2015. These places are closer to home and some which are much further away. If you have not checked out part one do so now Part 1.

Lake Anna This one technically doesn't count since I have already been to the lake twice. The ability to catch Stripers in ice free water during the dead of winter is what really drew me to the lake. The only reason its still on my list is that I haven't caught a fish in two trips.Hopefully I crack the code before the end of January.

Upper Potomac I live a mile away from this stretch of river where there are tons of smallmouth and largemouth bass to be caught. The northern Potomac is pretty shallow which limits the boating pressure and makes kayak fishing ideal.


Somewhere Tarpon fishing Man this looks like so much fun. I spent a week last year trying to catch a tarpon in lake Pontchartrain. This year I would like to go where my odds are a little better to hookup with one of these beasts.

The last two are tournaments not in Virginia
Georgetown Sc Ifa I fished the Louisiana division last year as well as the championship. It will be a fun challenge to compete in a new region fishing for two of my favorite species.

Jamaica bay Kayak Fishing Classic I don't know enough about this other than I am leaving my calender open for the weekend when this event happens.

Checkout part one here

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