This was Supoposed to be a 2015 Recap

This was supposed to be a recap of my fishing in 2015 it was going to break down every species I caught and when and where I caught them. But If you want a recap you should just go through the archives of the blog its all there documented in real time.What I will say about 2015 is I caught 16 total species with 6 of those being new to me.
one of the many new species I caught in 2015

My biggest fish of the year a 29 inch bluefish in New York
Last year I posted a list of places I wanted to visit. I didnt quite make it to all of those places so in 2016 I am definitely going to finish this list. I also set a goal in 2015 to catch a Cobia, Tarpon and a Snakehead. The first two I didn't even get a chance to pursue but the snakehead I spent two months chasing with none to show. Even though I saw them everywhere I could only get one hookup which eluded me as I tried to net it.

 I have a few new species I would like to catch in the first quarter of the year the one on that will pose the biggest problem will be the Musky the other is a Walleye which I think should be able to pick up while hunting for the musky. I also want to land a decent size carp which are abundant in the Potomac and the local ponds. I have never targeted them but they should provide some good cold water pullage before I switch over to pursuing the number one species I want to scratch off the list. I came so close to last year to landing a Snakehead and I am going to put some serious time in figuring it out this spring.
I did everything I set out to do in 2015 except catch a snakehead
The second quarter of the year I plan to do some travelling along the east coast starting up in new york for kayak fishing classic.
 I am also planning to return to New York for the annual Kayak Fishing Classic this was the coolest trip I took last year and this year should be even better. The other trip that is in the works is to the lower Chesapeake for Cobia and then to Florida for kayak Tarpon and wherever else in between.

Big bass from our road trip to lake Marburg
The second half of the year my plans are still  little fuzzy. One thing I want to do by the end of the year is have a presence on youtube. I  will be phasing out writing so many blog and spending more time creating entertaining and useful videos about fishing.I also have an idea for a tournament I would like to host. The idea only came to me last week so I am a little behind in planning but it will definitely be an event where anglers can test their skills.  Im glad I decided against writing this as a eulogy for 2015 but a plan for the  more growth as a fisherman in 2016.

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