Daily Routine: Wading the Lake

Yesterday we had a perfect October day in New Orleans. Finally it  feels like fall and I know that means the speckled trout have moved inside Lake P. I used to do really good this time of year on the sea wall but the ongoing construction has pushed me and the fish away to find different areas in the lake. We had found this area a couple years ago but I moved away just as we figured out the bite. This pattern should hold all over eastern Lake Pontchartrain to fish the shorelines at the end of the rising and begging of the falling tide. We found yesterday that the bite slowed once the falling tide really got going. The second thing we learned is the bigger trout will rip themselves from the MR17 so you always need a net or risk heart break of losing the big one. In the coming days I am going to try and dial in on this bite even more to have a more consistent bite.

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