Running Out of Time in Yaktribe Tournament

The last week of the Fourth Yaktribe tournament has begun. Chris and I hit the rocks to search for some bull reds and upgrade on the speckled trout. Not much time was spent red fishing I tried for maybe a half an hour but didnt have any bites.I was able to pick up a solid 26 inch red on topwater while looking for trout. I didn't catch any trout all morning during topwater time. We moved down looking for trout no luck I went back to red fishing. Chris stayed at the trout spot 30 minutes later he called me over as he was getting lots of solid trout. I went over and caught the end of the weird midday bite I was able to land about 6 trout 18inches or better. Only one a 20.5 was an upgrade for the tournament. We tried fishing our way back but with no luck. At this point there are only a couple days left and I am in the top 8 but I would like to catch two solid redfish to finish this tournament off strong.

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