Prefishing Fallntide 2016 Premature Slam

Went out with Chris way too early this morning. We launched on 23 and I took advantage and did a little prefishing for FallnTide that is going to be held at the end of the month (Oct 29). The slam format has been challenging for me in the past but this year I have turned a corner when it comes to flounder. My main goal for the trip was to catch a flounder and I also wanted to catch 10 trout and three reds to go with it. The weather was very stagnant  there was no wind which made for a hot humid fall day. The day started off with a 23 inch red right out of the launch. Then a rat red intercepted my offering but I kept my jig in the flounder zone. About an hour into the trip it happened, I landed a 12 inch flounder. My day was complete after catching it but I kept fishing because the trip was still young. We moved into open water and found bait being busted mullet and pogies I quickly caught a fat 13 inch speckled trout then a hardhead. I cast again and received a solid hit with a strong diving run. I quickly dismissed the fish as a catfish but after it shook its head and charged to the surface I realized that it was a solid 18inch speckled trout. Soon after the trout bite died but I was able to pick up a 20 inch red in the action. We went back inside the marsh to find some more reds/flounder. I wasn't able to find another flounder for the rest of the day but the rat reds were prevalent and I ended up tagging 5 rats along with another 24inch red.On the way back to the launch I was able to cap off the day with a 25 inch red.

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