Another Sunday on the Bay

Collin with the only picture worthy fish of the day.

My brother and I continued our Sunday routine chasing stripers in the Chesapeake bay. Even though the weather was less than favorable we decided to give it a shot with plan be being fishing from the pier. The wind was forecast to be from the east at 12-15 mph and rain around 7 pm. So instead of launching at Sandy Point we decided to cross the bay bridge and launch at Matapeake fishing pier where Kent island would give us a nice wind break and less choppy water. We loaded up everything the night before so when I got home from work we could get on the road. When we made it to the bay bridge we could see the water near sandy point was brown and covered in white caps, but as we made it across the bridge the water changed to a cleaner greenish color. We launched and the weather man was conservative with his wind forecast. The wind was a sustained 15 mph with gusts in the 20 mph range and I thought about not launching and fishing the pier. We launched anyway and began trolling towards the bridge. About ten minutes into trolling  I had the first fish a 16 inch schoolie rockfish then as soon as I released mine Collins rod goes down and he has another fish about the same size. We trolled for the next 3 hours fighting the wind and waves I was not able to catch another one but Collin landed three more. We are still pursuing a 30+ inch fish but I have a feeling we will surpass that mark soon.                                                          
Also the new 2015 style framed seat we put in the Hobie Revo performed very well in the rough water.

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