Catfish and Flies

Spotted channel catfish
 Today My brother and I took a routine after school/work trip that turned into something special. We started out looking for bass but a few minutes in we started seeing large dark masses in the water. As we watched them we could see they were moving and occasionally we could see a flash or two. At first we thought they may be carp, but still unsure of what they were I made a long cast with a spoon.

Channel catfish on a vudu shrimp.
I began retrieving the spoon when I felt some weight I set the hook and began fighting what I was hoping it was a big smallmouth. It turned out to be a 14 inch channel cat my first catfish of the year. Catfish are just like flies that come out of nowhere when you when you are getting your plate at a cookout.  After I caught the first one Collin was able to land four or five quickly and the swarm intensified. My brother used a crawfish style plastic and I used a Vudu shrimp which drew strikes like a rotten banana attracts fruit flies. We caught about 30 fish in just as many minutes before the rain sent us home.

the end

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