Daily Routine: Saturday Morning Making Grocerys

Saturday morning I woke up way too early went and picked up one of my fishing buddys for a quick morning trip before the College Football games started. We had limited time so we stayed close to home and headed to Irish Bayou on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain. We know the speckled trout should be moving into the lake some time this month so my goal was to catch a few of the early birds. We launched and as we made it to the fishing grounds there were mullet everywhere on the surface. We started throwing topwater and we got a few hits but couldn't connect on anything. I switched over to a light jig and a H&H minnow and hooked up immediately with a small trout. I stayed in this spot for a good 10 minutes and caught a mix of about 7 small bass and speckled trout. I moved into the cut and let out a long cast something jumped on it soon as it hit the water but it spit the hook.

  I think it was one of the numerous garfish that were prowling the shorelines. A pattern developed and every little cut that had water flowing held a mix of  bass and speckled trout. None were keepers but soon the trout should grow up as the month ends. It wasnt all small fish I did have about a half dozen big hookups. I the water in the lake is crystal clear right now and I started sight fishing for reds once the sun came up. I saw about a 1000 sheephead I have yet to catch one on a lure and 50 garfish I cast at a few getting a few runs but couldnt get a hook set in any. I only saw two reds on the day the first one I dropped my lure perfectly in front it slammed it and I whiffed on the hookset. The second  I saw some nervous bait I cast to the edge of the grass. Swimming the bait through the school as I cleared the school a wake formed behind the lure and two seconds later the red jumped on it. I landed this red but it wasnt the last big hookup of the day I cruised down a bank spooking my 400th sheephead I looked to my left as I saw a large profile cruising toward me it took me a second to recognize it as a 3 foot shark. I only had a 12 pound mono leader but I decided to give it a shot and when the lure hit the water the shark hesitated for a second then attacked. I tried not to put too much pressure but I only got about thirty seconds before my line was cut . I cant wait for the fall fishing to really pick up its going to be a good one.

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