Daily Routine: Seabrook Evening Jog

Redfish is tagged and hopefully will be recaptured.
Went for a quick pedal around the neighborhood pond which happens to be Lake Pontchartrain. I was looking for a couple speckled trout to fry up for dinner. When I got to the fishing grounds all I could find were Redfish occupying the spots where I usually pick up a few trout. It only took me 10 minutes to land my first one and then ten more to get the second. After moving around  a bit I returned to the same area and quickly popped another one. I tagged all three and let them swim for science. A mini feeding frenzy popped up about 50 yards away and I chased it with no luck. The action was moving so fast I couldn't catch up before they disappeared. I then moved off the wall to jig the deeper channel I finally started to get a few different hits. I spent the last hour of the sunlight jigging up school trout with only one larger than 12 inches.

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