MRGO Trout Hunting

I decided that I was done with Redfish for a while at least until October. I decided that I wanted to find some speckled trout preferably 20+ inch fish. I met up with Chris and Xavier at the launch and we set out to throw some topwater for big trout.  We made it to the MRGO and there was lots of bait on top being chased I threw a few times but didn't have much luck. Chris and Xavier were catching a few but I kept moving down to the spot I always hook a few good ones at.I made it there and it was nothing but dinks 10 and 11 inchers. I caught maybe a dozen undersized fish and one keeper that I lost at the boat.

 At 8:30 I finally had a good hit on my top dog. I quickly landed it but as I set it in the boat it thrashed and set a hook right into the base of my thumb. It took an hour for me to get it out but once I did I was ready to go find some more fish. I only had one in the bag and by the time I got the hook out topwater time was over. It was time to move on to another spot that holds fish later in the day. I tied on a popping cork and my favorite mr-17 mirrodine and began looking for signs of action. It was not long before I found a school of nervous pogies off a point. I took a cast and my cork disappeared I set the hook and landed a 12.5 inch trout I caught 4 or 5 quickly but all too small. I kept drifting and picked off a keeper every few casts I didn't have a net so I lost a bunch at the boat. I switched to the mr-17 and my quality went up all the fish ran 14 to 16 inches but the bite was mush slower but I was able to pick off about six more to give me a total of ten fish. Sunday morning was similar to Friday Chris caught a few fish in the same area early but I was still stuck on finding the big girls. I made it to the spot and quickly landed a 19 inch trout then it went dead there were no shrimp popping or pogies that I could see but I kept plugging and was able to land another 18inch trout. The trout at my other spot were running small and all together we caught about 100 fish and 2 keepers. I kept trout fishing and Chris and my buddy went to target the reds I think they landed 3. On the way back we caught 2 more keepers before we called it a day.

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