Paid in Full: Easy Lake Pontchartrain Redfish Limits

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Two man Louisiana Redfish limit

Lately I have been finding some really easy red fishing right in my backyard. I have been taking the 5 minute drive to launch my kayak in Lake Pontchartrain. Then its a quick peddle to the fishing grounds. Some days the fish have been literally at the boat ramp but other days they make you search a little but once you find them they are almost too easy. Me and my buddy went last Thursday 9/15 and quickly caught our two man limit in 30 minutes. We had planned to go back the next day but that didn't happen so after letting it rest we made it back on Tuesday. When we got there it was a surprising amount of boat traffic for a weekday. On the way to the hot spot we saw a surface boil I pitched to it and hooked up with a nice red. Once we made it out to the spot I caught a limit in a few minutes and lost another big fish. It took my buddy a little while longer to get dialed in but once he did he had his five and we were headed back to the launch. I wanted to play with the jacks but they just haven't showed up in numbers I did see one while drifting but it has been tough this year.

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