Daily Routine: Business Park Grass Bass

Today we did a quick 2 hour session before the Football game came on.We decided to try out a secluded pond off of rt 7 it is surrounded by a business park a shopping center and an apartment complex so its not very visible from any streets. I had only fished this pond once before with no luck so I was interested to see what size fish were in there. This pond is full of vegetation of various types there is a ton of floating pond weed and it is also covered in submerged vegetation as well. That gives some good overhead cover for the bass . I opted to punch through the floating mats while Collin  opted to glide over the weeds with a weightless Yum mighty bug.

We landed four total in the 2 hours but we had plenty more blowups on the topwater. None of them were huge but it was good to get some pullage. The most interesting thing about these bass was the coloration being in the grass they were very dark and two of them had markings that resembled a crappie.

large mouth that has markings similar to a crappie.
This was a relatively large pond for this area but it still seems pretty shallow. The pond is choked with grass so anything you use has to be weedless. I probably wont be hitting this pond anytime soon along with aquatic vegetation there is a ton of shrubbery growing on the banks and there arent many fishable spots. This would probably be a good pond to fish in the spring before all the vegetation on the banks and in the water grow in.

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