Daily Routine: Keep Loudoun Beautiful Park

 Went out for an after work trip to a body of water where I learned I loved to fish. Goose creek was a quick bike ride from my house and I frequently experimented with a variety of lures casting for the feisty smallmouth and largemouth bass. Today we ventured to keep Loudoun beautiful park a little further upstream than where I usually fish the river. I ventured to this new stretch to find some less pressured fish. As we got out there I noticed much more life in the shallow rapids especially bluegill which are almost nonexistent at some down stream access points.

 My brother started us off with an ambitious little smallie that took his spook. I then followed up with a similar sized fish from the same pool on a tube jig.
aggressive little guy
We waded upstream to the top of the rapids and I caught a palm sized bluegill on the tube. My brother then followed with the big fish of the day a 13 inch smallmouth that attacked his topwater three times before finally committing. This was a pretty  good quick after work trip and the action on this stretch seemed a little better than my normal area. This area is definitely would be worth going back to try again.

The address of  Keep Loudoun Beautiful park is 43055 Golf Club Rd, Leesburg, VA 20175 and it has a gravel parking lot. Here is a picture of the area along with 4 hot spots.
  1. the mouth of Tuscarora creek its a deeper spot that has some large boulders on the bottom.
  2. Is a deeper pool that lies where the old bridge would have passed over this little 12ft by 10ft pool held a number of smallmouth and we caught a couple out of this pool. 
  3. A deeper run where there should be some feeding  fish anytime you go.
  4. The bottom of the rapids always a good spot where ever you go. The fast moving water and eddies formed by the larger boulders create a great habitat for predators to ambush bait that gets swept past by the current.


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